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Beany February 27th, 1942

November 8

Sloppy Joes Bar, Key West

Sloppy Joe's Bar, Key West

“Dear Jerry,

Ran out of ink- It’s about time you were writing- you were almost a week late. Thanks for the money and stamps they come in mighty handy- we haven’t been paid for some time but expect to in a couple of weeks.

So you got along alright with the proposal, eh? I wrote a note of congratulations to Jean. The setting you described sounded perfect. Sure wish I was as lucky as you to be free to do all those sorts of things.

I’m sorry to hear about Cliff being called for his exam. I’m pretty sure he won’t be deferred unless something is radically wrong because they are being less lenient with deferments than they were. I’ll write him and let him know about all the ropes and things he will expect to do when he goes.

I suggested he should either join the Navy or Marines- as long as he will be in for the duration either of them are a much cleaner and easier life than the Army- especially the Infantry. I guess you had a small taste of that. Things so far are looking rather dark for the U.S. and unless we start an offensive soon we may be in a bad spot.

I went swimming yesterday afternoon- the water was rough and the waves were pretty high- it was a lot of fun swimming with and against the waves but the salt water tastes terrible when you get it in your mouth. I was also in Key West the other night but there isn’t anything much to do but have a few beers or got to a show. When I get an afternoon off I plan to rent a bike and ride all over the island. That is the way most people get around here as it isn’t big enough for a car. It’s only three miles long and two miles wide.

Dolores wrote a couple swell letters since I’ve been here and sent five pictures of herself which were good. I took a roll of film and haven’t gotten them back yet so I’ll send them in the next letter and you can show them to Dolores and the folks. Developing runs high here so I’ll send the negatives along and any of you can have some made if you like. I hope they turn out as some were taken of pretty scenery, our guard position and some of me.

I’m glad you showed Mom a nice time while she was there. You better go out and visit them more often. She wrote that you had only been there once since Xmas. Bring Jean along if you must but for gosh sakes go out and visit more often. If you do get drafted you’ll be sorry for not doing it. Take it from me you really miss everyone plenty especially the folks when you are away a long time like I’ve been. I don’t mean to be nasty but you have full use of the car and are enjoying many liberties- that is one of the least things you can do.

Starting tomorrow night I start going on guard from midnight until six in the morning. Plenty lousy hours but we get to sleep all morning then. You really have to keep on your toes when on guard because the O.D. (officer of the day) checks on you quite often.

I sent Dolores a coconut- would you kids like to have one? I could also send you a variety of pretty sea shells if either Jean or you are interested in them.

As ever,


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