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Nellie February 27th, 1942

November 9

Inductees on their way to Fort Snelling

Inductees on their way to Fort Snelling

“Dearest Ome,

Just got thru with supper. I had cold meat and fruit salad. Well honey how are you. I spose he is busy visiting at Jean’s.

I wrote Jean a letter yesterday. We had a long letter from Beany today and each a postal card showing places in Fla. It sure must be nice there. Hope nothing happens to them there.

Cliff was in Benson last nite but they just asked him a few questions about his health. It took only 5 minutes and he doesnt know when they will be called to Snelling. We’ll let you know soon as we hear.

I sent Beany a letter and a book of stamps and a carton of cigarettes. As yet we haven’t had mail from Milly. Its two weeks next Monday since we heard. Beany said he had gotten a letter from her and that he had wrote to them.

If I get a letter from Milly saying she doesnt know when she will come yet we have to think about sending her and Lorne a birthday present soon so they get it for their birthday March 28-29. I’ll let you know when I hear. I spose you to want to send them something.

What have you kids been doing all week? Sniffy got mad at me today and bit me (my ring finger). It isnt bad tho. Cliff sure got after him for it. My finger has kind of ached.

Will send you the Press so you get it Mon or Tues eve. We see by the Star Paper that the butchers in St Paul is getting a raise of 3.50 a week. Does that mean you to? Sure will be nice for you to get that.

I just cant get over how nice Jean’s home was. It sure is swell. I told Dad all about it as Cliff has seen it. Dad feels pretty good. He always complains of it being to hot in the house. Same old story.

Well Ome must close as guess there’s no news and will write to you again soon as I hear from Milly and also about when Cliff goes to Snelling. Greet Jean and her folks. Go and see Inga when you can. Write soon I’m lonesome for you.

Love Dad, Mom & Cliff”

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