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Milly March 15th, 1942

November 11

Lorne and Susan

Lorne and Susan

“Dear folks,

Received your church notice yesterday which came much faster than most of the mail. I think we need a lot of such prayers in times like these especially.

We are all just fine. Lorne has been with us for awhile but will be leaving soon again. We feel more satisfied about leaving now that we’ve had some time together again. It’s fun to see Susan and her Daddy together- They’re so much alike. She looks more like him every day.

We still don’t know when we’ll be coming but there are not so many left now so it shouldn’t be too long. It’ll be hard to leave but I guess Lorne will feel better to know we’re back there.

Lorne is going to have his picture taken this week so you’ll get one soon.

All our love,

Lorne, Milly & Susan”

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