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Lorne April 14th, 1942

November 15

35th Infantry Letterhead

35th Infantry Letterhead

“Dear Mom and Pop,

It certainly is nice to know that Milly and Susan are safe again. I enjoyed having them here so much, but I never would have forgiven myself if they had stayed and then something had happened to either of them.

What do you think of Susan now? Isn’t she a great kid? I think so much of both of them that this war can end any minute now so that I can get back to them again.

How are things with you two? Too bad about Hannah and Grandfather Ward. I really felt pretty bad about Hannah’s passing and I certainly would have liked to see Grandfather Ward. How is work these days and what do you do for excitement?

Milly must have told you all about this place so there is very little I can add. Censorship is really tough. It accounts for the hole in the paper. The original heading gave too much information. Things must be really humming back there. I hope they are ready pretty soon to go after the Japs. It’s getting awfully tiresome here just holding on and watching for Japs. It’s about time we sailed for Tokyo.

Greet everybody I know,

With love,


  • Susan

    I never knew that at the age of one, I had a great-grandfather!! He was Henry Charles Ward, who had emigrated to Kingston, Ontario, Canada, from York, England. The “Hannah” my dad mentions was my Grandmother Ward’s sister- an immigrant from Sweden, a gifted artist, never married, and unfortunately died after being hit by a car on a Minneapolis street.

  • Susan

    I should have said a “living” greatgrandfather – unfortunately he never saw me nor I him…

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