Lorne April 20th, 1942

November 17

Charles Ward with Susan and Milly

Charles Ward with Susan and Milly

“Somewhere in the Pacific

Dear Mom and Pop,

Got your letter written on my birthday yesterday. Thanks a lot. The clipper mail isn’t coming through for some reason and all of it is coming by boat. I don’t know when it will resume. Until it does it is going to take about three weeks both ways. Maybe more from here to there.

Milly and Susan are home by this time. I certainly do love them and glad that they are safe now. I hope that you will make everything as pleasant as you can for them both. Not that you haven’t in the past, but you know how it is. There is always a little jealousy between a son’s wife and her mother in law.

I want you and Milly to get along swell because I love you both so much it just has to be that way. I miss Susan more than anybody. Gosh, I think a lot of her. If I could afford more, I would like to go on having kids like that forever.

I am afraid though that she is going to be awfully spoiled. Milly spoils her, Hada and Magnus spoil her, and I am afraid you and Pop will too. All I can say is to try not to.

Things are pretty quiet here, but you know how it is. After Dec. 7, we are prepared for anything at anytime, but that ‘keeping on your toes’ all the time is tiring. We get a certain amount of rest and recreation, but nevertheless we would like to get a little action. Maybe we will get to Tokyo yet.

Thanks for the letter and write again.



  • Susan

    In spite of Dad’s warnings, yes, I was spoiled!!! Susan

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