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Lorne April 27th, 1942

November 19

Lt. Col. Doolittle strings medal on bomb bound for Japan

Lt. Col. Doolittle strings medal on bomb bound for Japan

“Somewhere in the Pacific

Dear Folks,

Got your card today and also a letter from Milly. Both were very welcome. I also got your cigarettes from Canada. I passed them around and everyone was quite interested in smoking a Canadian cigarette. I got those postcards from Canada too. I appreciate your sending things, especially your letters, but don’t go to any expense because I have everything I need.

I am glad that Pop liked his jacket. I am sending you a little item for Mother’s Day. Hope you like it.

How is my little Susan? Isn’t she swell. I sure miss her almost more than Milly. She’s talking now so that you can practically understand her. I suppose that she will improve as we go along so that when I get home she will be a regular chatterbox, just like you, Mother. Take good care of her and please don’t spoil her. You know how you are. I won’t be able to live with the kid when I get home, I suppose.

That’s all for now Mom and Pop. I must write a letter to Milly right now and tell her how lonesome I am. Write when you get time,



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