Beany May 17th, 1942

November 23

Jean and Jerry's wedding

Jean and Jerry's wedding

“Hi Newlyweds,

I rec’d your first card- you undoubtedly had a great trip. Yep. I got here O.K. but I wasn’t too happy about getting back. We had a good time the last two days after you left. Dolores will tell you the details. Did you have any trouble with the car?

I’m on guard duty today and am in charge of quarters tomorrow so they are pinning both my extra duty details on me pronto!

Be sure you send me those pictures as soon as possible and also those snapshots we took and tell me all about the trip.

Jerry, I followed your tip on giving Dolores my cameo and we had a pretty good understanding before I left so I feel much better now. Only don’t tell her it was your suggestion!

Not much news so soon after being home so will wait to write more after I hear from you.

As ever,


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