Beany July 1st, 1942

December 6

Winston Churchill at Fort Jackson

Winston Churchill at Fort Jackson

“Dear J&J,

Today I have been thinking all day of Mother on her birthday and yesterday I thought of you kid. I suppose by now you are a Private in this mans Army. Hope you don’t find it too bad. Just give it a chance to develop and try to follow some of those helpful hints I gave you. You know I know that you have the stuff to overtake anything so keep your spirits high and keep thinking what we all are fighting to go back to. Please feel free to consult me on things that puzzle you.

We had another batch of distinguished visitors last week. Churchill, Marshall, Stimson and a few Generals were here to witness a demonstration we put on. It was a battalion in attack. Rifleman, machine gunners, mortars, artillery, tanks and planes were all firing live ammunition at the same time. Nearly 600 parachute troops were landing so it was quite a spectacle. I was the gunner on my machine gun so I sure let her rip. I fired about 1700 rounds in 18 minutes.

I heard a lot about the weekend you all were together. Milly gave the folks a nice gift- Dad wrote that he was rather proud of his so it makes me feel swell to have them feel that way.

Thanks for those snaps- the one of the group was plenty neat. I am going to have a large enlargement of it made and sent either home to Hada or to my Laurie! She must have written a swell letter to Hada as she spoke highly of it and wants to have her and Jean out for some visits this summer.

Christ wrote that he knows a jeweler who can buy diamonds wholesale and said he could get a ring worth $165 for $125. I suggested he contact him and maybe Jean could look them over and pick one out. He thought it better if I had Dolores pick it out but do you think that is proper? Ask your darling about it and let me know. I would buy it here too but I don’t know a great deal about them.

Well Ome you sill have quite a few more days at home so take care of everything and leave with a double grin! Are you going to transfer the car over to Milly? Let me know about your exam, etc.

Cliff expects to leave this week for Colorado or Missouri. Don’t forget to try for clerical work or meat cutting.

Greet the family there and also my Darling gal when you see her.



The Critical Path website has a great video of the Fort Jackson demonstration for Churchill.

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