Cliff July 27th, 1942

December 10

O'Reilly General Hospital, Springfield, MO

O'Reilly General Hospital, Springfield, MO

“Dear Jean & Jerry,

Received your letter on Friday. It was sure swell to see the folks again. I saw them only two evenings as I couldn’t be excused from school. We had supper together both nights, took a few pictures, and spent the rest of the time visiting. There was so much to talk about and the time went too fast. By now you have seen them again and heard about their trip.

I expected Paul Gliskey here today but he hasn’t called yet so maybe he couldn’t get away. I got a letter from the folks today that they sent from Kansas City on their way back, a letter from Butch H. and a box of nuts from Inga.

I see you have been buying furniture now. You’ll have a nice place when you get all settled- hope I can see it soon.

Last night I was uptown with a couple of guys. We had a few highballs and got back fairly early. Today I slept until after ten.

We had a three-hour test yesterday. It wasn’t too hard, though, so I think I made a pretty fair grade. Tomorrow we start Anatomy & Positioning. That’s a study of the body structure and the positioning of patients. We had some anatomy at Camp Robinson.

I hope you are feeling better, Jerome. Better stick right to your diet. Have you been re-classified again or not?

The fellows came after me so I went to town and didn’t finish so I’ll try again now. I went swimming yesterday and saw a show last night. I got 90 in my test Saturday- the whole class had a high average. Jeanette McDonald had a show here last night but we didn’t get back in time to see it. The boys said it was very good. It’s time for class so I must close- I’m sorry this letter is so choppy- I’ll do better next time. Write soon.

Love, Cliff”

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