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Nellie July 28th, 1942

December 14

Susan on her birthday

Susan on her birthday

“Dearest Jerry & Jean,

Well here we are home again. Seems like our trip now is a dream, as much as we enjoyed it all. Cliff wrote a letter to us at 2:05 Friday. That was the time our train left Springfield so he must have been lonesome. We got the letter Monday morning. I wrote to him last nite and Beany today.

Everything was fine at home. Susan woke up right after we got home and I had to hold her for about an hour. She liked her dolly very much and Milly liked her skirt.

Milly got her call from Lorne 5:45 Sat. morning but it was such a noise she couldnt hear him very good. Susan also talked to him. She got three letters today from him.

Yesterday I washed and cleaned up all our clothes we had on our trip. Dad says he feels good and seems more peppy. He gained four pounds on the trip. He’d feel much better if it wasnt for this hard railroad work.

Jerry I hope you feel better and let us know what the doctor tells you Wed. and what more you can get to eat. Please dont work to hard. Well it wont be long now till you will have a home of your own. I wish I could have a home like that. You kids will sure enjoy it.

There is no one who can ride the fliers now (15 & 16) on passes anymore so when we come to the city now it will have to be on the nite train no 6. Isn’t that something. I guess its on account of so many soldiers going all the time. Well that cant be helped.

I’m having a little party for Susan Monday her birthday. I’m giving her a rocking chair. Beany sent us and Milly and Lorne a telegram for our wedding day. I didn’t think he would remember it but he did. Milly baked a batch of date rocks today and she had very good luck. I am going to bake doughnuts tomorrow. Wished you were close enough to come and have coffee with us.

The pit is opening up tomorrow so Dad is busy getting men to work. First time this summer it has been opened. We want to thank you for taking us around and for that lovely supper your mother gave us. Greet them all from us.

Now you kids dont work to hard when you move as you have lots of time to get your home straighten up. It sure is going to be nice tho when you get through. Will send you some pictures we took at Springfield with Cliff soon as I get them developed. Greet Dolores.

With lots of love,


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