Milly July 29th, 1942

December 15

State Teachers College

State Teachers College

“Dear Kids,

My correspondence course is coming but it’s a lot of work so my other correspondences suffer. Am so glad you kids can have a nice place of your own- I know how much fun you are having planning and buying for it. I’ll be anxious to see it when it’s all settled.

How do you feel, Jerry? I do hope you haven’t lost anymore and can eat more things. That iron frying pan you gave me is packed in my stuff at Wards so anytime you want it you can drive over and get it- I think Jenny can find it for you.

Nice of you to write Lorne. His A.P.O. has changed- it is now 25. He cabled me and also called Sat. morning but it was hard to hear him. Very nice though. Take care of yourselves- don’t work too hard.

Love, Milly

Thanks for the nice card- I sent it to Lorne”

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