Cliff August 2nd, 1942

December 16

X-Ray Tech, O'Reilly General Hospital

X-Ray Tech, O'Reilly General Hospital

“Dear Jean and Jerry,

I expect you are the two busiest people in St. Paul right now getting your new home all fixed up. That’s a big job- I know – remember all the moving we did at home, Jerome. You’ll really find out all the things you have now, after having them put away all this time. I wish you’d send me a picture of your place when you get some. I haven’t any snapshots now because I’ve sent them all to the folks, but Paul Gliskey is supposed to be here today and I’m going to take some then.

The folks did have a nice time on their vacation, all right. You showed them a nice weekend too. Milly wrote that they were in very good spirits when they got home again. Dad gained four lbs. on the trip.

It’s a good thing the doc is giving you a little more food now. That’s darn tough working with not much food in the tummy. Better stick close to your diet!

I hear from Beany about once a week. I hope he stays where he is so Dolores can make her trip. Mom said she planned to go, too. She sure is lucky to get free passes.

Another group of soldiers came this weekend to start school tomorrow. We begin work downstairs now and soon will be taking pictures and developing, etc. I got around 90, I hear, in my last test in Film Processing. Now we start Anatomy & Positioning of patients. It’s really a rough course and boy how they pour it on.

I sent Susan a birthday card and a dollar. Milly can buy her something with it- I didn’t know what to buy or what she needs. I hear she is quite the girl now.

I hear Elwood Stone and Larry Seeman have both been home on furlough. Those guys are lucky to get them so soon. Fritz Schulte went home on the same train as the folks did from Mpls. for a 15 day leave, too. He is stationed in Tennessee.

I’ve got to work on my notebook this morning so I can get out this afternoon in case Paul comes so I’ll say bye bye for now. Hope you are coming along well with your getting settled. Greet your folks and Dolores, Jean. Write again soon.



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