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Beany August 4th, 1942

December 21

Beany at Camp

Beany at Camp

“Dear Kiddos,

I have more news for you- tonight I was selected to go to cadre school for a month and if I’m accepted I will go out on the next training cadre that leaves sometime in November or before. I am to be a platoon sergeant and will have about 44 raw recruits to take care of. It will be basic training similar to that I rec’d in Texas way back when.

I will have a staff sergeant’s rating which is $96 per month. Wow I skip another grade with this promotion just like the last. The one between is a buck sergeant with three stripes. It will be almost as much as a 2nd Lieut. clears after buying their clothes and food so if the set up is O.K. I plan to wait for my officers’ training application.

We don’t know where we are to go but we think either North or out West. Any damn change will be a welcome one. We leave for 8 weeks maneuvers in Tenn. about the first of Sept. and Dolores can’t get her vacation until the 7th of Sept. so I guess our plans aren’t going to work out. There may be a slight chance of getting home around Xmas but that too is doubtful.

I’ve heard a great deal from everyone about the folks’ vacation. So glad they had such a good time. Milly wrote today that Dad kids about it being their second honeymoon. She had a call from Lorne but they couldn’t hear very well.

Suppose your little love nest is getting more settled. I’d love to see it after all your descriptive writing about the nice new furniture and stuff. Are you still losing weight? With a meager diet like that I think I’d melt away.

Played golf again this weekend but my cold and a few drinks knocked me out and I was all pooed out by last night. My golf is getting back in the old groove again. Had a 81. Bought a sport shirt and hat to wear so I look like a civilian while out at the club except for my khaki drawers!

Haven’t taken any pictures of late but I look the same except I’ve lost about 15 lbs in this heat. I’m as brown as a Chippewa war chief again.

So long for now,

Brother Beany”

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