Cliff August 9th, 1942

December 23

O'Reilly General Hospital

O'Reilly General Hospital

“Dear Jean & Jerry,

Received your card and box a couple of days ago- thanks a lot! I ate the cookies for breakfast this morning because I didn’t get up in time for chow. They tasted very good.

I expect you are about all settled by now- hope I can see your place this fall sometime.

Some of us took our first pictures this week- three shots of the hand. I haven’t developed mine yet so I’m anxious to see how they turn out. We’ll be doing more and more of that right along now until the course is over. There is certainly a lot of positions and factors to learn in doing this work. It is very interesting, though.

I just finished a letter to Beany and I’ve got about six more to write, too. Did he write you about going to cadre school? If he makes it he’ll be a staff sergeant- that’s a nice jump. If he goes to Tenn. he may not get to see Dolores for some time- that sure is hell!

I got a card from Lorne this week- just a few lines. He said he was very busy and couldn’t write much. I sent it to Beany. He’ll send it home and you can see it there. I sure wish he was back in the States.

I saw Paul G. last Sunday. He may be here again today about noon. It’s sure nice to meet someone you know.

Last night another fellow and I were swimming at the “Y” and then saw a show- got to bed fairly early. Today we are going out to park somewhere and just take it easy.

Not much news so I’ll close for now. Thanks again for the box.

Love, Cliff”

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