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Milly August 11, 1942

December 24

Susan and her friend Elmer

Susan and her friend Elmer

“Dear Kids,

If you have room I’d like to go back with you Sun. night. I have to come down sometime before school starts so thought this as good a time as any. If you’re not ready for company you can drop me off at Wards because I’ll have to go over there anyhow for a few days.

We’re hoping Dolores can come out with you this time. Be sure to tell her that we would like to have her if she can come and cares to.

And if you have time when you’re out riding some night I certainly would appreciate it if you would pick up Susan’s high chair at Wards and bring it out for me. It seems a shame that she isn’t using it when it’s so cute and her own. You could get your frying pan at the same time. If you haven’t room, just let it go or if you haven’t time to go over to get it.

I’m still working hard on my lessons- have 7 left out of 23 and a couple more extra books to read besides the exams at the end. Not much excitement for me this summer. Guess I need a fling in the Cities!!

Susan got your card and was very thrilled over it. She knows who each of her cards are from. She just got a lawn chair from Gini Lee Payne tonight and learned to do somersaults on the lawn.

Let us know for sure if you’re coming and if I can go back with you and if Dolores can come.

Love to you both,


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