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Beany August 16th, 1942

December 30

Strand Theater, Columbia, SC

Strand Theater, Columbia, SC


I’ve been nursing a jittery body all morning- went into Columbia last night and had a few rum cokes. One of the fellows wives from New York was down so helped him celebrate.

We just completed our move from camp out about 10 miles into an old swampy field where we are going to stay either until we go on maneuvers or until our camp gets built. They are building small barracks where we had our tents. There is a small pond near here that they are trying to make a beach out of but that’s all there is too.

I guess I’ll keep the ring here for awhile until I know for sure what I will do. If this cadre moves out in a month or two I may get closer to home or she still may be able to come in Sept. if we are here. In either case it is in a safe place here and I would rather not send it thru the mail. That wouldn’t even seem like I gave it to her.

Your diet still sounds like the one I used to eat before a B.B. game. How are you coming along with the treatment? Are they disappearing at all? Thanks for the box of goodies.

I was just appointed company reporter for our regimental news pamphlet called ‘Forty Rounds’. The title deals with our insignia. It is mostly news about camp. I wrote a fair column and will send you a copy when they are printed.

I still go to school about four afternoons a week but they don’t know when or where we are to go. I hope we leave before or during maneuvers. Yes, staff sergeant’s pay isn’t bad when you consider your clothing, food and hospital care along with it. Maybe I’ll be able to be a little thrifty then and save a few dollars. Did I tell you I was buying a bond each month out of my pay? They are to be sent to Milly as a co-owner.

No more news today so-


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