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Cliff August 23rd, 1942

January 4

X-Ray Clinic, O'Reilly General Hospital

X-Ray Clinic, O'Reilly General Hospital

“Dear Jean & Jerry,

Just finished a nice chicken dinner and now I’m going to write a few letters. I slept until 11 bells today- sure felt nice to get a little sleep for a change.

Yesterday we had a test again. It was an easy one. I just found out that I got a cool 98- not bad! Most of our work is Anatomy and Positioning now. Next week there will be another group of students here, making about 150 in all in X-ray. They have it arranged so that a class will graduate each month. We will be the first group out of this school- five more weeks for us here.

Mom sent me two of the pictures that you took when you were out home- one of you all in a group and one of Sniffy in the car. You all looked fine on the picture- I thought maybe you would look thin Jerry, but you seem to look the same.

That was sure too bad about Davis wasn’t it? He was a swell fellow- I had a lot of good times with him when we used to have those whist parties and tournaments.

I got one letter from Beany this week. He is very busy and doesn’t get much time to write. He said he may not go on maneuvers- I hope he doesn’t so Dolores can make that trip on her vacation.

Well, not much news around here. Write when you find time.



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