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Cliff August 29th, 1942

January 6

Awards Ceremony O'Reilly General Hospital, August 1942

Awards Ceremony O'Reilly General Hospital, August 1942

“Dear Jean & Jerry,

Just came home from noon chow and our battalion commander made the announcement that we were excused from noon today until bed-check on Sunday night. It’s the first time since I’ve been in the Army that we’ve been free over the weekend- always had bed-check on Saturday night before. It sure seems good to have a little free time.

We had a test this morning and it was a tough one- I don’t expect a mark like I had last week. On Friday over 200 men from the Medical and Surgical groups were shipped out- most of them went to a full hospital out in Oregon. Their course is only two months. There will be another group of X-ray students here on Monday- then the school will be up to its quota. A class will graduate each month.

Next week we have a fair in Springfield so we should have some fun there. Paul G. is coming in next weekend if he can make connections.

I got a letter from Beany the same day as I got yours so I’m answering him today, too. I expect he has written you, too, so I won’t mention about his letter.

One of our officers is an M.D. and in out Internal Anatomy we spoke of the duodenum. I asked him if that was a common place for ulcers and he said that is was- sure hope you get rid of them soon.

The weather has been cool here, too, up to the last couple of days. Thursday we had a parade and there were a lot of people here to see it. The students marched and three fellows from the hospital who were hurt at Pearl Harbor were given the ‘Order of the Purple Heart’ for bravery during the attack. One of the fellows is still on crutches. Two of them are from New York and one of them from Wisconsin.

I’m enclosing a picture that Paul snapped of me near the bus depot here one Sunday just before he left. As you would suspect, we had been drinking a little beer- not too many, tho!

Well, no more news so ‘bye bye’ for now. Hope you had a nice birthday, Jean! Write!



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