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Beany September 2nd, 1942

January 7

Betty Grable at Fort Jackson

Betty Grable at Fort Jackson

“Dear Ones,

Speaking of sore jaws I have one now- just came from the dentist. One of my old fillings had fallen out and he discovered another one so my lip feels big right now. He drilled so much he had to use novocaine.

We leave next Sunday for maneuvers in Tenn- we cadre men have to go along until we get transfered to our new station which may not be until they are over. Oh well- I went thru a tough one last fall and should endure this one.

Betty grable is coming to the Fort tomorrow with a Hollywood show and is to be here four days. She should be quite an eyeful.

Dolores wrote that her vacation starts Friday and doggone it all we won’t be able to see one another. I’ve decided it better now if I send her the ring cause she would enjoy having it, I know. Altho neither of us want it this way nothing else can be done about it. It is in the mail now so by the time you receive this you will have probably seen it. Didn’t you like it, tho?

If you only get cards sometimes in place of letters the next two months you’ll know I’m busy as hell or on the move. I bought fifty of them today.

Yesterday was payday and I won a little so today I’m in Columbia spending it. Teeth, moccasins and other incidentals I’ll need for maneuvers.

Didn’t get to send a greeting to Jean but give her my greeting. Don’t forget Dad’s birthday on the 9th.

I seen ‘Crossroads’ some time ago. Another goody is ‘Mrs. Miniver’. Reminds one that we are in a grim war. Rather amusing at first but turns out to be a tear jerker.

How’s about that sister-in-law of mine writing a line or two? Does he keep you too busy cookin’ Jean?

My next card may come from the hills of Tennessee.

Goodbye now,


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