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Cliff September 4th, 1942

January 10

X-Ray Room, O'Reilly General Hospital

X-Ray Room, O'Reilly General Hospital

“Dear Jean & Jerry,

I got a letter from Beany today noon. He said he was leaving for maneuvers in Tennessee this Sunday. I expect he has written you about it, too.

The folks will be with you when you receive this- hope you all have a good time over the weekend. I expect to see the fair here too this Saturday & Sunday. I got a letter from Paul G. and he is coming to Springfield sometime Sat. night. He will be stationed in Camp Crowder until sometime in Dec. now because he has started going to a school there.

We had out weekly test today- the whole thing was on Anatomy and took about three hours to write. Next week we get a test on all the Positions that we’ve been given. There are about 65 or 70 in all that we’ve been given- they are plenty tough to keep straight in your mind.

I was out to the fair on Tues. night for a couple of hours. It is quite big and I hear they have some good performances in the grandstand. This weekend soldiers from Crowder and Leonard Wood will be in, so there will be lots of ‘khaki’ around.

I’ll be here three more weeks now as far as I know. Some of our group may be stationed here for a while because a big field hospital is being organized now.

I’m writing in class so I’ve got to cut this short- hope you have a nice weekend. Write!

Brother, Cliff”

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