Cliff September 10th, 1942

January 13

Entering the X-Ray Clinic

Entering the X-Ray Clinic

“Dear Jean & Jerry,

Received your letter this noon and was sure surprised to hear about Fred being in the hospital. It’s a good thing you got him to go or things maybe would have turned out a lot worse. Sounds as if he got to a doctor just in time. I hope he’s getting along much better now.

I’m sure the folks enjoyed seeing your home and being with you over Labor Day. Did you have a good time at the fair?

Paul G. was here Sunday and he and I went to the fair here. There wasn’t so much to it after all. We went in the grandstand in the afternoon to see some car crashes, dare-devil drivers, etc. but it rained like heck right after the performance got started so the whole thing was spoiled on account of a slippery track. He may come back once more before I leave here.

Beany sent me his new address the day he left Carolina and I wrote him right away. I don’t imagine he’ll have much time to write after the maneuvers start. I hope his cadre job comes through before long- probably then he’ll have things a little easier and get that rating, too. He wrote me, too, that he had sent Dolores her ring- I’m certainly glad for them both. Too bad they couldn’t see each other this fall as they had planned. Beany probably will be eligible for a leave again after the maneuvers are over.

I won’t know whether or not I can get away until after I get to my new station. Most likely I’ll have to be there a while until I get acquainted with my work. Even though we get good schooling here, it still takes plenty of actual experience to make a good technician.

We’ve had quite a bit of rain the past few days. Some of the nights have been pretty cool. Seems like the summer sure has been going fast.

I wrote to Butch H. last night. He is on San Clemente Island now- ninety miles into the Pacific. He says it’s a pretty fair place. They get a three-day leave every 15 days to go back into Los Angeles. I expect he’ll be going farther on after he gets more training.

Last night I was up town to a show- ‘Tortilla Flat’- with Hedy Lamarr, Spencer Tracy and John Garfield. It was a good picture. We usually go to a couple of shows a week.

Our company in planning a big party at some hotel downtown the weekend before we leave here. I expect it will be quite a ‘pow-wow’.

Well, so long for now. Let me know how Fred is coming along.

Brother, Cliff”

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