Beany September 14th, 1942

January 20

Tennessee Maneuvers

Tennessee Maneuvers

“Dear Kiddos,

You certainly have been busy alright- I’m glad to hear you are keeping up the car so good- it seems ages since I last drove it.

I just woke up from a fresh sleep on the good old terra firma and devoured four fried eggs for breakfast. Sunday morning is the only time we get them sun side up.

Last night I was over to Galaton- a small town about twelve miles from here and attended a street dance. People here have seen very few soldiers so the mass that run around are really a novelty to them. They wave and look at you like we were greek gods or something. This country is better than Carolina and not as warm. I am about 450 miles south of Chicago so it feels somewhat better being closer to home.

The cadre I am supposed to go on has been called of temporarily so I may not get the rating I spoke of. It isn’t definite yet but there is very little hope of it going thru.

Your cold weather will be coming soon so better get the car winterized before the rush and before they run out of things. Is the old prestone still good?

What do you think of the ring? She wrote that she was thrilled having it. Wish I could have been there to give it to her but I can reenact it when I get home. I should get home at least by Xmas. Could you put me up for a day or two? By that time you may be able to take a drink again.

We start our first problem tomorrow so between getting ready for that and catching up on all my mail I’ll have a full day ahead. Will write the latter part of the week again.



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