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Milly September 20th, 1942

January 24

Susan's scribble

Susan's scribble

“Dear Jean & Jerry,

Will you do me a favor, Jean? We need a new windshield wiper on our car. The one we have doesn’t work at all. I am sending you the picture of the one I want and have it underlined in the table. Isn’t that what I should get, Jerome? If you can get it this week we can bring it home Sat. night. I’ll pay you for it on Sat.

I hope you can meet me Fri. night but if not will take a street car over. I also hope Dolores can be at your house that night or with you if you can meet me!

If you have Sat. off and aren’t too busy perhaps you could go shopping with me, Jean. That would be fun.

Mom and I went to the show tonight- Bette Davis in ‘In This Our Life’- very good. I also went last night with Ruth Paynes and the new coach’s wife. Ruth had us up to supper first because their husbands were in Monte at a schoolmen’s meeting.

I haven’t heard from Lorne for over two weeks. I do hope I hear soon.

Susan is still up-busy reading the funny papers. She would do anything to keep from going to bed!

School is fine- I have only 6 pupils- 2 in each of the 1st, 6th and 8th grades and all nice kids.

Susan has 3 new sleepers with feet in them- two blue and one pink. She looks so cute in them.

Mom says if you’re not going to use all your sugar coupons, could she buy some of your sugar from you? She’s  short for canning. If you need it, though, never mind.

I’m glad you kids can stay two days- Monday you can come out and visit school! I don’t suppose Jean has ever been in a rural school, have you?

Bye for now- see you soon.

Much love from us all,


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