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Beany October 3rd, 1942

February 9

Tennessee Maneuvers Postcard

Tennessee Maneuvers Postcard

“Dear J & J,

Another weekend is here and my pen is busy again. I had quite a time on this last problem. The first morning my squad was cut off from the company and we were back of the enemy lines for three days. We applied commando tactics on them by cutting communication wires, capturing trucks and men, etc.

We went to farms at meal time to buy food but they wouldn’t accept any money and fed us very good. One night we stayed at one place and listened to the radio and then slept in the farmer’s barn. It was the softest bed I had been in for a month. It was a good experience only I wouldn’t want it to happen in actual combat. We hid like fugitives when the enemy got close.

Yesterday was payday and today they are going to give us an overnight pass. I plan to go to Nashville and sleep in a good hotel bed after I spend about an hour in the bathtub!

I got a lot of good things from home this week. Mom sent a cigarette case and lighter and a box of donuts and cookies. Milly and Susan sent a 2 lb box of Fanny Farmer. Cliff wrote a card that he was leaving for Camp Carson in Colo. It is supposed to be a nice spot.

I suppose you have the rins by now. What do you think I ought to do with the diamond? I got such a good deal on it that it would probably be foolish to get the money back or sell it. Suppose I’ll find a gal again some day.

I haven’t heard anymore about the cadre but I still think it may go out sometime after maneuvers. We may to go to Camp Gordon near Augusta, GA after these games.

I just had four fried eggs for breakfast. Half the company is in town so we could eat anything we liked today. During our rest periods we usually eat good.

Have you had the car fixed for winter yet? I’ll write again next weekend.



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