Beany October 28th, 1942

February 28

Gas Ration Book

Gas Ration Book

“Dear J. & J.,

Haven’t heard from you all week but I better write while I have the time. I’ve been busy all day washing clothes and cleaning my equipment.

Was over in Nashville last night and had a great time. One of the fellows had a gal who had a car so we made the rounds dancing and a bit of drinking. Night Clubs are similar to those up there and people are much gayer than in Carolina.

We have a couple exercises left and then to a camp. We think we may go to Ft. Leonard Wood in Mo. It is almost definite that we won’t go back to Jackson. I also heard that the cadre may go out in Dec. or Jan. so I’m waiting to hear more about that. If it doesn’t I plan to apply for Officers Training.

Hada told me all about their new home. They must have it a lot nicer with more things and so much room. I’m certainly anxious to get home again. I should around the holidays sometime.

Well Minn. won again yesterday but I think they are out of the race for national honors again. I’ve won back what I lost on the two games they were beaten.

Have you had any pheasant yet? They said there were a lot of them again. Christ and some fellows were out to Appleton but they didn’t go up to the house. I guess they were too busy hunting.

Don’t suppose you kids can make many trips after they ration gasoline. How many gallons can you get a week? Store up some of your tickets in case I get home. It won’t be long until the Xmas rush starts again. Suppose Jean is quite busy at Wards these days.

Let me hear from you soon. I don’t get much time for writing out here but will catch up when they are over. Gained 6 lbs. in these hills!

Goodnight for now,


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