Cliff November 6th, 1942

March 2

Lorne's Major Promotion

Lorne's Major Promotion

“Dear Jean & Jerry,

I just finished writing to the folks and now I’ll answer your letter. I sent a bunch of pictures to the folks that you can see when you go out again.

Mom wrote about Lorne being promoted to a major. He sure has a nice rank now. I guess he’s left Hawaii, too! I sure hope everything turns out O.K. for him. I know Milly must worry a lot now.

Well, I’ve signed up for a furlough. All the boys had the privilege to do so and some of them will be leaving for home soon. I asked to leave on the 22nd of December. Now I hope we will be here that long! I’d rather be home for Xmas than now and maybe I can see Beany, too.

It will be swell seeing your home and having some of my sister-in-law’s cooking! You both must be very busy- working every day and entertaining besides. Be sure you greet ‘Wiff’ Johnson from me when you see him again. I s’pose he’ll be in the army soon, too.

My buddy and I were supposed to come back from the hospital to let two others go over for a while. Those boys are there now and we get to stay, too. The sergeant in charge of X-ray called our office and asked to keep us. He told them that we were very efficient and dependable- a nice boost but still no ratings. This army sure runs things screwy! It seems like the guys who do the least get the best breaks. I have no ambitions in the army, but I know I deserve a rating now. Maybe it will come soon.

Last Sunday we visited a place here called the ‘Cave of the Winds’. It really is a beautiful place. This really is nice country- hope you can visit here sometime.

Not much news from here- the routine is about the same. Thanks for writing, Jean- it’s nice to hear from you. Write again soon.

Love, Cliff”

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