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Beany November 8th, 1942

March 3

Rifle Range Camp Forrest

Rifle Range Camp Forrest

“Dear J. & J.

Well kiddos these blasted maneuvers are over at last. We leave tomorrow for Camp Forrest and sometime before Dec. 10th we are going to Ft. Leonard Wood. After that I expect a holiday furlough so hold your hats and pray with me that I get one.

I’ll see Coney at Forrest. He has been writing to me and is anxious to see me for another good old fashioned party. He’s a First Lieut. now.

My driver and I were in Nashville last Sat. He had a date with a gal he knew who owns a new car and I had a blind date with her sister. What a beautiful gal she was too. Sort of had my head swimming. I plan a few return trips over there. We danced and tore around until the wee hours and then they drove us back to our camp area.

I was surprised to hear about Kay and her young one. She looks the same to me. Kind of fast workers, aren’t they?

Glad to hear you are out having fun again and eating more. That meal sounded fine indeed. I’ll try out your cookin’-Jean, when I get home. Chocolate pie is my favorite after a big dinner of spaghetti and meat balls. Ha!

I suppose all of you at Wards are busy with the Xmas rush so near. You females will have to bat out those orders until we come marching back.

You certainly aren’t going to get much gasoline. Guess I’ll have to rob some when I get there.

I was a guard on our payroll last Sat. and went with the Lieut. when he picked it up. I had to help him check it. It was over 6 thousand smackaroos so I had a good look and feel of a lot of dough. I should have stuck him up and hit for the woods.

I’ll write again at Forrest. My address is the same for awhile.

Love, Beany”

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