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Cliff November 16th, 1942

March 8

Medical Corps training at Camp Carson

Medical Corps training at Camp Carson

“Dear Jean & Jerry,

Well, I may see you sooner than I had expected- I hear that over a hundred fellows applied for furloughs at Xmas time so a lot of us will have to take them sooner. A fellow who works in the office told me that my name was moved up to the first part of December. I’d rather wait until later, but it’s either take it when you can or not at all. I’ll let you know more about it when the list is posted.

I’m staying in camp this weekend. I’ve a little cold and don’t feel much like going anywhere. I plan to see a show here tonight.

This past week I’ve been developing all the pictures at the hospital. It’s a big job because we are very busy. I took it for the week because it’s good experience.

Mom wrote that she had a good time in the Cities. I’ll bet Wards enjoyed having Susan stay there. Do you go to see Wards very often or are you too busy? I expect they are worrying about Lorne now, too. I hope he doesn’t go to the Solomons when he leaves Hawaii.

You won’t be able to travel much now with the gas rationing coming up. Did you get to Appleton this weekend? I hope your folks went along, Jean, if you did.

I heard from Beany this week and answered him. Fort Leonard Wood is ninety miles from Springfield – he can go there on weekends. The connections are pretty good. He’ll like that town- there’s not too many soldiers and lots of girls there. Sure wish I could be there now again.

I doubt very much now if Beany and I will get home together- he said he couldn’t apply for certain dates. I can get to Mpls. from here in about twenty hours. I can leave Colorado Springs at 9:30 in the morning and be in Mpls. early the next morning. Maybe I’d be better off to get an early leave- at Xmas time, things will be awfully crowded. Transportation is a big problem now.

How did ‘Wiff’ come out at Snelling? Be sure and let me know when you write again.

In my next letter I hope to be able to tell you wen I’ll be home. So long for now-

Love, Cliff”

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