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Beany November 17th, 1942

March 9

Market Street Chattanooga

Market Street Chattanooga

“Dear J.&J.,

I finally got settled down to answer my mail again. I’ve been busy cleaning up things. We don’t know exactly when we leave for Mo. but I will get a seven day furlough after we get there. They are letting those from the East and South go from here and the rest of us when we land there. I’ll try to get it around the time that Cliff does but I may have to take it earlier.

I’ve been over to Camp a few times to see movies and I’ve seen Coney twice. We talked over old times in his quarters and of course we had a few whiskies & coke. It’s against the rules but he didn’t mind. I may go out with him this weekend.

This past weekend three of us were over to Chattanooga to celebrate the end of maneuvers. I finally slept in a good bed after three months on the ground. We live in tents here but still sleep on the ground.

Things look a lot brighter now with the new campaign in Africa. If things work right this war may be over sometime next year. I wonder if any of the Co. M boys are over there.

Cliff sent me a picture of himself and a pal on top of Pikes Peak. He expects a rating soon. Hope he gets it before he goes home.

Things are beginning to pinch back there with no gas, coffee and things. A few personal sacrifices aren’t bad tho if the cause proves worthy. How much is your income tax going to be? Thank you for handling that old tax return of mine.

I suppose everything is getting the Xmas feeling again. I heard all the roads were blocked up there after a snow storm. Is that right?

I bought some film but when I got my bag from Jackson I found the camera broken so no pictures. I look the same tho I guess- still kinda fat! How’s that stomach ailment of yours reacting these days? Better not get too healthy or Sammie might take you in.

So long for now Kiddos. Gotta answer a couple more. Long time no see each other, eh?

Love, Beany”

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