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Lorne November 19th, 1942

March 11

Charlie and Jenny Ward

Charles and Jenny Ward

“Dear Folks,

How are things? I have not heard from you for quite a while. Of course I have not written for a long time either. Although I did send you a birthday card and letter on a penny postcard. Did you get them? I enclosed a money order in the birthday card. Did you get that? I did not write for so long because I was disgusted with both you and Milly. I wish that for my sake at least that you would get along together.

I have been hearing from Elaine regularly, but I haven’t written to her either. From her letters I understand they are moving. I hope they like their new home.

I have been promoted and like the new job. If you have talked to Milly lately she has probably told you all about the situation here. Wish I could tell you all about everything here, but you know how censorship is.

If you don’t get any Christmas presents from Milly, don’t worry. I wrote and told her that I would take care of yours from this end. That purse you received is only something I thought you might like. I sent one to you, Elaine, Milly and Hada. I won’t be able to get any Christmas presents for anyone though and Milly is taking care of all that back there.

The main reason for writing this note though is to tell you how I have not forgotten how much you have done for me and to let you know I appreciate your efforts to the fullest. If from time to time I can send you something to show my appreciation I shall do so, but I wish that you would make an effort to get along with Milly. After all it isn’t her fault.

If there is any criticism it should fall on me, and you should not blame her. After all she is my wife and I love her and Susan too much to want to see them hurt in any manner. I wish that you would make every effort to get along and if there is any criticism, let me know rather than pile into her.

Now don’t get the idea that she has written a lot of stuff to me. She has not done that at all. In fact she has made an effort to bring us to a better understanding, if anything. It is just that she feels you are or were much too hard with her. Remember I am to blame, not she.

Wish that ‘Pop’ were here so I could tell him all about the situation here, and elsewhere. Lots of luck and love, as always.

So long,


  • Mttopvtn

    I have my father’s letters from German Prison Camp Oflag 64. He was the medical officer at the hospital there. Have been collecting the facts and putting pictures together. Several sites on the internet speak to these Oflag families. Would like to put a webpage up similar to yours. I just joined Tweet and find it a bit confusing. Nancy Anderson, Brattleboro, VT

  • http://www.thegearcaster.com Amy Jurries

    Hi Nancy- sounds like you have an amazing collection of letters as well! I look forward to reading them when you get your website going. You will soon get the hang of Twitter- don’t worry!

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