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Nellie November 22nd, 1942

March 15

Thanksgiving 1942

Thanksgiving 1942

“Dearest Kids,

What have you kids done today. We haven’t done much. Oh yes I have. I put new shelf paper on my shelfs in the kitchen and finished babys bed pillows. You know Jean. Little boy blue and bo peep and put backs on them and washed them ready to stuff Monday.

Wrapped the Mpls Star paper for the boys and am going to make them each a box of popcorn balls after I get there with this letter and send them Monday. So see I’ve been smart today.

C H Ward and wife are coming out Tues either on the flier at noon or on the bus Tues eve and spend Tues & Wed here. Mr Ward has to go to work at 3 oclock Thurs so we are having our Thanksgiving dinner Wed eve at 6 oclock and will have to eat left overs (Thurs). Jennie called me Sat eve and said Charlie had to go back Wed nite on the 2 oclock train. The way she talked I guess she expects to stay longer. I’m glad they are coming as I owed them that.

Tomorrow nite (Monday) Milly & I are going to a party at Danielson’s. Its our club. Expect I’ll go home with the prize again. Ha Ha.

Milly had Jody Iverson over last nite also the coach and his wife. We gave them punkin pie with whipped cream on and coffee. Real good to. Milly made the crust of the pie and I the stuffing.

Had a letter from Beany. He said hed be home soon if he can he wants to come when Cliff does but he maybe had to come sooner. He said anytime as he sure was anxious to get home again. Bless his heart. He wants spaddie and some chocolate pie. He cant wait to get some of Hada’s cooking again and believe me he shall have just what he wants to. Mom’s kid.

Dad came home at 12:30 last nite. Just made it up the stairs. He got up at 3:30 PM today. Guess hes ashamed of himself today. He should be. The old punkin.

Milly & Susan are both sleeping now. Do you know we all have a cold here isn’t that something. Seems like we cant shake it off either and cough boy oh boy. It makes a fellow weak all over. We take medicine and grease our self so we look like pigs.

Beany has seen Coney Moe quite a bit. Hes in Camp Forrest to. They have sat in their tents and talked about olden times. Coney likes the Army and expects to stay with it after the war. I dont think Beany and Cliff will. I hope not.

The war sure sounds better now. Maybe now it wont last so long. There is quite a few married men going to leave before Jan 1st.

They had their junior class play here last Friday nite. Milly was there with the Paynes. Two of her kids were in it she taught when she teached before she was married. She said she feels old now after seeing them in Junior High. I told her yes Milly you are not a spring chicken any more. She just gave me a look.

I’m going to bake two kinds of cookies and pies Monday. Milly dont teach all week. She has to be in Benson Tues & Wed but will be home evenings about 5 oclock so I have to entertain Wards myself but Susan will keep them company I hope.

We are having 2 chickens no turkey. Thats to expensive. It would cost us $4.50 for turkey alone. Milly said nothing doing.

Hope to go to a show tonite. Its ‘Crossroads’ with Powell & Lamarr but I spose I’ll seat and cough and bark so maybe I’d better stick my head in under the quilts and go to bed.

Well so long for now. Please do drop us a line you love birds.

Love from us all, Mom”

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