Cliff November 23rd, 1942

March 16

Main Street Camp Carson

Main Street Camp Carson

“Dear Jean & Jerry,

Well, I haven’t heard anymore about my furlough, except that the oldest men in service here will get preference for the next group to leave. I am quite sure that I will be included so I should be home around the 4th or 5th of December. I am waiting to hear from Beany before I let him know. I sure hope he gets an early leave, too.

It will sure be swell to see you all again. It will soon be eight months since I’ve seen you- just so nothing happens now to cancel these leaves.

Tomorrow I’m going to start working in the office at the X-ray dep’t. There’s a lot to learn about filing records, registering patients, taking calls, etc. I believe I’ll like the change for a while. I really have a nice job here- the work isn’t at all hard and we don’t have guard duty anymore either. All we do is our job at the hospital and stand retreat at night.

A lot of us are a little peeved because we don’t get our ratings but I guess it’s best to wait and say nothing- if we say something we might be worse off later on.

Yesterday afternoon I listened to Wisconsin wallop Minnesota- the first time in ten years. Last night I went to town- we just loafed around, had a few beers and came back to camp early. Today we plan to see a show here.

It’s almost time for noon chow so I’ll close for now. As soon as I hear definitely about my furlough I’ll let you know. The list should be posted by the end of this week. Hope to see you soon!



P.S. Hope you have a nice Thanksgiving! Are you staying home?”

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