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Milly January 7th, 1943

April 8

Lorne's Pocket Register

Lorne's Pocket Register

Photo of Milly and Susan in Lorne's Pocket Register

Photo of Milly and Susan in Lorne's Pocket Register

“Dear Kids,

No doubt Mom has written all the news except about Lorne- I have had 3 letters from him this past week- no enlightenment except that it’s hot and there are lots of insects. His address is still the same if you want to send the writing kit. I sent his boxes from here yesterday.

I’ve heard from his Commander’s wife. They were good friends of ours over there so Lorne is with a swell fellow. He was the head football coach of the 35th before the war. His wife’s guess is New Caledonia but that’s only a guess so keep it mum because it’s all supposed to be quite a secret move.

I suppose Mom told you that Dad is my chauffeur now- It’s nice not to have to worry about getting the car started out at school in this cold weather. Dad is laying off right now and may apply for his pension later. He can’t stand all that snow shoveling.

You really got results this time- two letters at once!

Love from us all,

Milly & Susan”

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