Milly January 11th, 1943

April 14

Cigar Production, Worch Cigar Co., St. Paul, MN

Cigar Production, Worch Cigar Co., St. Paul, MN

“Dear Kids,

I had two more letters from Lorne and the only thing he asked for is cigars, so thought perhaps you could enclose a few in with the writing kit if you haven’t sent it. He asked me to send him a box every other week but noone can send packages overseas after the 15th of Jan.

I am sending 3 boxes this week but that’s all I can send because there’s a limit on the size and weight of the packages and only one can be sent a week so that’s the last I can send. You can say the cigars are for his birthday because we won’t be able to send anything at that time.

Only V-mail can be sent after the 15th also- no more ordinary airmail. I still don’t know where he is.

Dad, Mom, Susan and I were just at the show to see ‘Pardon My Sarong’. Susan is eating popcorn.

We took down our Xmas tree today.

Mom will let you know later if they’re coming down.

Love from us all,


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