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Beany February 3rd, 1943

April 26

Dancing at the Service Club

Dancing at the Service Club

“Dear Jean and Jerry,

Januarys come and go, just like footprints in the snow. So here it is February now, and soon time to drill and plow. Not such good prose but it is only from a hand of an amateur. What I really mean to say is that time certainly flies by fast.

Things are the same as before here. I’ve been up to Jeff City the past two weekends. They have a service center up there and all the gals are very hospitable. All are swell dancers too so we have a nice time. Nothing out of line tho. Pat and I are becoming so well known with the hostesses that they have put us on the lunch committee. We help serve!

I don’t know for sure just when I’ll get another rating but I’ve been toying with the idea of applying for O.C.S. again. At times I get sinking spells and get disgusted with line duty.

Luck was with me again for a short while last night. Yesterday was pay day and I won a small amount playing black jack.

Dolores writes more often than we used to and our affair seems bound much tighter. She got a big kick out of your only giving Jean a half an orange after she told you a whole one was too much. You’re quite a domestic lad, Jerry. I would have liked to help you with that dinner. Sounded like it would have been very pleasing to the palate.

I wrote another column for 40 Rounds and will forward you a copy when they roll off the mimeograph.

That’s about it for now. I often have to cut most of the letters short in order to keep on schedule but I guess you understand that.

So long kiddos,



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