Nellie February 7th, 1943

April 29

25th Infantry on Guadalcanal

25th Infantry on Guadalcanal

“Dearest Jean and Hubby,

I rec’d your most welcome letter. Thanks Jean and thank you Jerry for the note. Am glad you liked my bread. I’ll send some more some day soon.

Must tell you I got the flu Tuesday and I sure was sick. Today I feel a little better only I’m so weak. At that I baked two kinds of cookies and sent the boys today. I baked oatmeal walnut cookies and chocolate chip cookies.

I’m afraid the way things look now we wont have them in the US very long. The war is terrible and they sure are sending them across now. Beany writes me cheerful letters and tells us not to worry but one can’t help but do that. Thank God I can keep one of my dear boys out of this terrible struggle.

Milly had two letters from Lorne today that was written last of Jan and he said, ‘I just got back from a terrible fight. Thank God I’m alive’. Poor Lorne but guess they are pretty safe there now. We hope. Our home boys sure are in the fight now at Africa. The mothers here are so upset.

I got a picture from Dolores yesterday she had made for me. The one they took at St. Louis nite club. Sure was nice of her to send me this. I sent her a Valentine with a handkerchief in it. I also wrote her a letter yesterday.

This week Dad has taken Milly to school as far as he could go but she’s walked about a mile and a half and is she ever mad. She sais she’ll never teach again and sais if she knew we were going to have a winter like this she never would have taught. We both told her last fall that she shouldn’t but she was bound to. So its her own fault. Shes so tired when she comes home evenings. Its nice now so maybe it will let up soon.

Dad feels good and talk about eating. Why hes never had such an appetite. He still hasn’t heard from Chicago.

Susan got about thirty Valentines from kids around here and in the mail so she has been so busy playing with them.

Tell your mother Jean I made ‘wine soup’. Its prunes, raisins, sago and sugar with some wine in it. She’ll know what it is. Jerry do you remember I used to make it a lot when you kids were small. Its thick and we put cream on it when we eat it. I sure would send you kids many things I make if you were close enough so I could. Jerry this would be good for your stomach to eat. Ill make some next time I know you’ll come home. Jean you’ll like it.

So you have cleaned house. Well your house wasn’t dirty in the first place. You should see mine. Oh boy.

Well its 4:30 and must get my supper on, as Milly sure is hungry when she comes home anyhow now when she has to walk so far. I think of you kids always and sure get lonesome for you. I’ll write you again soon.

Much love from us all,



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