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Nellie February 8th, 1943

May 2

Whist Party

Whist Party

“Dearest J&J,

I just got thru writing to the boys and got their papers and each a box for Valentine’s day ready to send. You can look for yours one day this week.

Fri nite Milly and I were to a card party at Flax Anderson’s. I got 1st prize. Two hot holders Mrs Anderson had made in white and red. Real pretty.

Last nite Ruth had a birthday party for Lila and we played whist. Milly got 1st prize and I got low. I got a box of talcum powder and Milly got an onion chopper. We felt ashamed to take both prizes. We sure have carried home prizes this winter.

Tomorrow nite we are asked to a baby shower on Flora Mae Anderson. We got her a baby kitmona.

We haven’t heard from Chicago yet about Dad. He feels pretty good only weak. He eats good and sleeps well. Milly hasn’t heard from Lorne yet. To bad.

Dad and Susan are in bed and Milly is reading. Its 10:55. Milly bought herself a red dress last nite. Its real pretty. How are yours dresses coming Jean?

The war news sounds pretty good now. Hope its over with soon.

This is the 2nd letter I have wrote you now. Write soon.

Much Love, Mom”

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