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Cliff February 9th, 1943

May 4

Chemical attack training, Camp Carson

Chemical attack training, Camp Carson

“Dear Jean & Jerry,

I’ve been plenty slow about writing letters the past few days. Last week I wrote only one and that was to the folks. I’ve been waiting to hear from home to find out how dad came out at Monte with his physical examination. I imagine that he will be given a pension right away.

This week I’m going to gas school each afternoon and I work in the hospital during the mornings. This gas school will last for only a week, I hear. There are rumors that three of us in X-ray are to return to company duty to make room for others here who have not had a chance to work in the hospital yet. I’m hoping that we can stay there even if they are sent, too.

This is the fifth month for me at the hospital so I have been lucky at that. A lot of the boys who come from school shortly after we did haven’t seen an X-ray machine since.

Yesterday I was in Colorado Springs all day. It was real warm out- I believe the temperature was up to 70 degrees or more for a while. If it gets cold here, it never lasts for very long at a time. Saturday night I played poker with a few of the boys over at X-ray- I won about 3 bucks.

I got a letter from Beany on Sat. He seems to be getting along fine- I hope he gets his third stripe soon. It seems funny to think that I haven’t seen him in over a year! And then to miss him by one day on our furlough!

That must have been quite a parade in St. Paul. Seems funny- I haven’t seen a tank since I’ve been in the army. I don’t believe there are any here- as far as I know, anyway.

I haven’t any new pictures now. I am sending one that we took the day before I left on furlough. The fellow with me is O’Connor from New York – another X-ray man. The other two are of the damage from the storm. The one is the rear of our chapel and the other is medical supply over at the hospital. Not all the buildings were damaged that bad although some were much worse.

Well kiddos, news here is scarce- I expect to be here for some time yet. Sorry for not answering sooner. So long ’till next time!



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