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Beany February 10th, 1943

May 5

The shoe ration line

The shoe ration line

“Dear Jean and Jerry,

Sorry I’m late again- I had guard Sunday so spent a quiet weekend at camp. We are going into the field Sat. noon until the following Sun. evening so I won’t see civilization for some time.

We are scheduled to leave for Calif. and desert maneuvers about the middle of March. I certainly don’t relish that very much. From there I don’t know what our destiny is going to be. It was encouraging to hear that the Japs have evacuated Guad. It should give Lorne a rest and put him out of danger for awhile.

I plan to get a picture made for Dolores and thank you for the suggestion. I wrote her that it would come late but not what it was so don’t let her pump you. I can’t get one taken near camp so I’ll have to wait for awhile.

You could probably take me in ping-pong. I haven’t played at all.

I imagine you are racking your brains out these days on your income tax. I have a little ready cash from a recent ‘hit’ in black jack so if you are short I’d be glad to extend you kids a loan. You could pay me back in installments as I needed it. Don’t be afraid to ask for it if you need it.

Have you heard anymore about the inspectors job? Why not go down and investigate it more instead of waiting for them.

Have you guys got plenty of shoes stored up? The pinch of new shoes is one pinch the civilians won’t feel.

The weather has been just like Spring in Minn. here. We drill in just shirts and trousers most of the time.

Did you hear how Dad came out with his physical? If he goes on pension perhaps they would be better off to move down to the city- it may provide more for them to do.

News is scarce as usual so Aloha for tonight and be patient if I don’t always answer on time. Something always interrupts.

How do you both feel? I’m feeling great again. Bubbling over with health.

Love, Beany”

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