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Beany February 16th, 1943

May 9

Fanny Farmer Candies

Fanny Farmer Candies

“Dear Jean and Jerry,

Thank you for the cute Valentine. I wasn’t able to send any because you couldn’t buy them here. I was up to Jeff City over the weekend and took some pictures. They won’t be ready for about three weeks but I ordered three so you kids will get one. Keep this secretive tho because Dolores knows she is getting something but may not have guessed what.

She wrote that she had taken a picture but they weren’t ready yet so I guess we all had the same thoughts. Her mother sent me a lb. of F. Farmer and so did Milly so I’ve been munching away. Cliff sent a dollar- boy this family of ours certainly hold up to traditions, don’t we?

I’m sorry to hear about your ailment Jean- don’t fool with it even tho it may be acute because sometimes they catch one unaware. Maybe if you let them take them out you would feel better and the rest and getting away from work would perhaps do wonders for you. You kids both are on a pretty rugged schedule.

We had cold weather again just before the weekend so they called off our field work again. Some days I wear long underwear and two pairs of wool socks and then again we dress like we would for summer. This weather is very changeable.

Milly said that it had been cold there and that they had another storm similar to that Armistice day one a couple of years back. She’s fed up with country school teaching. Can’t blame her.

That’s about thirty for tonight- still no further news on what we are going to do. Looks like our next move is Calif.


Vern (I mean Beany)”

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