Lorne February 17th, 1943

May 10

Infantry foxholes on Guadalcanal

Infantry foxholes on Guadalcanal

“Dear Folks,

This is a ‘V’ mail letter I got in a Xmas box from the Red Cross. Although we got them in the last part of January, they were no less appreciated. So far it is the only organization of that type which has reached in this far. I am afraid that the U.S.O. and some of those other organizations are simply big front organizations which make a grand showing in the States, but never reach the soldier.

I’ve received your Xmas card and letters and want to thank you very much. That Marshall card was nice to receive. Hope everything is well with you. Let me know if you get in any trouble. Everything is O.K. here. I have been receiving a good many letters from Elaine. Tell her I’ll write to her soon.

With love,


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