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Cliff February 18th, 1943

May 11

Gas training Camp Carson

Gas training Camp Carson

“Dear Jean & Jerry,

I’m on guard again tonight and I have to stay up most of the night so I have time to write a few letters. I received your letter and nice Valentine.

I am back on company duty again now- myself and four other fellows who have been in X-ray. Five boys took our place over there to gain some experience.

We’ve had quite a bit of gas school lately and the first two days of this week we were inspected by some high ranking officers from our corp area. The report is that our organization done O.K. in the inspection. All of us technicians were quizzed and we did fine. We expect to be here for some time yet as the last of our fellows are getting furloughs now.

How are you feeling now, Jean? Be careful with your appendix- I hope you don’t have to have an operation. Take good care of her, Jerry!

I received a letter from Hada today and one from Milly a couple of days ago. I’m glad Milly has finally heard from Lorne again- no doubt he has been seeing some action lately. They are about rid of the Japs on Guadalcanal now according to reports. It would be swell if he could get back here on a leave sometime. There is always a possibility of that happening.

I haven’t heard from Beany this week yet. He wrote Mom that he was going to be out on a week’s bivouac. Tell Dolores that I received her letter and will answer soon.

The weather is still mild here- seems funny to hear about your blizzards up there. It won’t be long ’till spring now. I sure hope I can get another leave when the weather gets nice again.

Greet your folks, Jean- I hope you are feeling O.K. again. Bye for now.

Love, Cliff”

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