Lorne February 19th, 1943

May 12

Guadalcanal foxholes

Guadalcanal foxholes

“Appleton Association

Appleton, Minnesota


At long last I am writing to you and through you to all the organizations who made those excellent Christmas gifts possible. Although I have had no contact with Appleton men in this particular combat area, I am sure that I express their sentiments when I say the thought and gift were deeply appreciated. Again may I thank you.

One reason for this long delay in writing is the fact that we have been quite busy with the Japs. We have finally given them a sound beating and cleared them out as you have probably read in the newspapers by this time. It has not been as simple as all that, of course and I heartily agree with someone who said, “There is no atheist in a foxhole.” When bullets are clipping grass two inches over one’s head and heavy ‘stuff’ is coming down all around, the man who says he is not scared is either a liar or a damn fool.

What the future holds for us down here is a military secret even if we knew. To all appearances the ‘Grand Strategy’ seems to be that we will plug up the hole at the bottom of the world while you people knock the top off.

Thank you again for the gift and may I ask you to convey my greetings to all my friends in Appleton.

Yours sincerely,

Major Lorne S. Ward”

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