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Nellie March 1st, 1943

May 23

Women Accepted for Volunteer Emergency Service

Women Accepted for Volunteer Emergency Service

“Dearest Jean & Jerry,

We rec’d your letter yesterday. I couldnt help but laugh because you wrote your letter Mon eve. and Sun you had been t0 church and gone out for dinner. Well I wrote Mon eve and went to church and out to dinner on Sun. So we had done the same you had and we also went to show Sunday.

Boy is it ever blowing outside. I’m baking bread and really hate to fire up hard in the stove to bake it. Am sending you kids a loaf today. Hope it will turn out good. I havent baked it yet just put it into loaves.

Tuesday nite Milly and I entertained our bridge club. We had roast beef sandwiches, ice cream and cookies, pickles, and coffee. Tasted good.

I had a long letter from Dolores. Shes really joining the Waves. I heard the marines were a nicer branch to belong to but its hard to join them. You have to go thru so much red tape.

Dad really has wrote three letters today. They are not long ones by no means. Hes to nervous to sit very long but better short then none. Susan is up stairs playing with a box full of dolls. I wont let her bring them all down stairs. Why I wouldnt be able to walk. Guess she has about 2 doz.

See you kids plan to come home in two week if the weather permits. Sure will be glad to see you again. Seems like years since we saw you. Jean I dont want to hurt your feelings but I think I would rather have your folks out when the weather gets warmer. Besides my house isnt clean now you know burning in two stoves all winter and that smoke boy oh boy.

The lady who owns the house is going to have the house papered and cleaned all up painted outside to then it will be nice and then we’ll feel like we can have people come. I will enjoy that to then. Now my curtains are dirty and your folks have everything so nice. So guess we’ll wait.

We havent heard form the boys since first part of last week. I hope all is well with them.

Susan sure wants a lot of attention and when any one comes does she ever talk. Milly said she takes after her grandma Ward. I agree with her. Shes getting so tall. You kids will see the change in her.

I’m going to give Dolores a little gift before she leaves. What do you think Jean I should get her. Maybe we could all go together on something. You can let us know. I really think we should.

I’m sending the boys each a chocolate cake I ordered from the Candy Kitchen. They also wrap them there to ready to send. I spose poor Beany may leave soon for California.

Well must close and put my bread in the oven. I hope the loaf will reach you O.K. I hope you’ll get it Friday nite for supper. Must close and hope you are both fine.

We love you so much. Love from us all.


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