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Nellie March 2nd, 1943

May 25

Red Cross workers rolling bandages WWII

Red Cross workers rolling bandages WWII

“Dearest J & J,

I just got thru writing to the boys. Dad and Susan are in bed and Milly is at the armory making bandages for the Red Cross.

Boy is it ever cold out. I do hope spring is just around the corner. This is terrible. This afternoon I was helping serving lunch at the church basement for a funeral. A two yr old girl died very suddenly from throat trouble. Mervin Sundahl’s girl. Sure sad.

Dad was to the Dr last week and after he examined him he said he could never go to work. So hes going to apply for his pension. He got a letter from Washington D.C. today and they said he was entitled to it if he was unable to work. Sure tough but it cant be helped. Thats what one gets after working hard all their days.

We got a letter form Beany today he wrote Feb 22. It was sent to Appleton Wis. He said he put in a application for O.C.S. Hope he can make it. It hurts me he has to go to Cal on maneuvers as they say its pretty tough there.

Milly got a letter today from Lorne and he said he had prayed hard three times when the bullets had passed over their heads. So guess hes gone thru something. This is a nasty world right now.

Sun we went to the Candy Kitchen and had chicken dinner. Seems so nice not to cook a Sun dinner. Last nite Milly and I went to show. It was ‘Panama Hattie’. Pretty good.

I had a nice long letter from Dolores’ mother also one from Dolores. She may join the Waves.

Susan is fine. She hasnt even had a cold this winter. Shes so fat to now. So is Sniffy. They are such good pals.

How do you feel now. Have you had any more of those pains Jean? And Jerry how’s your diet coming? Do you think you will ever be called again. I hope the good Lord will save you from that.

Poor Cliff is back to army duty now. I hope he’ll get back on Xray. He sent home all his Christmas cards and a lot of pictures I put in his album.

Take care of yourselfs and dont work to hard. That doesnt pay. Come home when you can but wait till the roads arent so slippery or Ill sit and worry till you get here. It will be nice soon we hope. Write soon. We love you.

As ever, Mom”

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