Lorne March 3rd, 1943

May 26

Guadalcanal Jungle

Guadalcanal Jungle

“Dear Pop,

Here’s to wish you happiness on your birthday. It may be a little early, but I never know when the mail is coming or going anymore. I have not heard from Milly for over a month and yet I know she is writing. I got a letter from her yesterday, but it was sent Dec. 31.

Nothing new to report here. It’s so hot the jungles just steam. I don’t like this jungle country and the sooner we get out of here the better. The Japs did not like it very well either, but they certainly tried hard enough to keep it.

I hope that the European situation clears up soon because I don’t think much is going to be done down here except to keep the Japs busy until the Germans are licked. Then we’ll give the Japs merry Hell.

Greetings again on your birthday.



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