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Cliff March 4th, 1943

May 31

Receiving A G.I. Haircut

Receiving A G.I. Haircut

“Dear Jean & Jerry,

We are getting a touch of winter now. It has been as cold as 10° below zero at times the last couple of days. We have some snow, too, but not a great deal.

I received your letter last night. Beany sent me one of his camp papers, too. I thought his article was very good. I haven’t heard from home for about a week now but I expect a letter today. I am writing this in the classroom. The N.C.O.’s sit in the rear of the room and are usually reading or writing letters.

Last Saturday eve a few of us had a little party downtown. It wasn’t too crowded because it was just before pay-day. Sunday I stayed in camp and went to two shows- one in the afternoon and another in the evening.

I was surprised to hear about Wiff going to O.C.S. so soon. Of course, he has had national guard experience and that helps some, too. I never did get around to write to him. I hope Beany gets to go soon, too.

I expect you know that Winnie isn’t home anymore. Inga wrote that she is with Worthy and Marjorie H. Winnie and Fred don’t get along very good when he is drinking.

I’ve been here for five months now and as yet there is no indication of leaving. I wish we would get organized in a hospital soon. This continual training routine is tiresome. Beany has sure had his share of maneuvers and drills. I guess I shouldn’t complain, though, because I’ve had things pretty easy since basic training.


I didn’t get to finish this letter yesterday. In the afternoon we went on a hike. It lasted all afternoon and my feet were plenty sore last night. It was my first long hike for over eight months.

Last night I played cards in the day room. I’ve had pretty good luck since pay-day. There’s sure a lot of money gambled the first few days of each month. I’ve only played in the smaller games.

Today is much warmer again and I look for the snow to melt soon.

Did I tell you about our G.I. haircuts! We all had to cut our hair to less than two inches in length and real close on the sides. It looks funny to see over 500 clipped heads in our mess hall. Well, I didn’t have much to lose anyway!

So much for now.



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