Nellie March 10th, 1943

June 1

American Soldiers Playing Cards

American Soldiers Playing Cards

“Dear J & J,

Milly was going to drop you a letter tonite but she didnt have time as she is having her 4 tables of bridge tonite. Mrs. Pierson and herself are having it at Piersons.

Am sure glad you kids are planning on coming Fri nite so you can spend 2 days home. Milly wants you to ask Dolores to come because it will be her last chance to come before she leaves. She said you four could go to the tournament at Madison Sat eve. Jerry you will get a kick out of that. We’ll give you gas.

Dolores can sleep with Milly as my north room is to cold to open yet. But you kids will have your room. Anyway you ask her to come. Am dropping her a card also tonite.

Be careful on your way home. I’ll have lunch ready.

Love Mom”

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