Beany March 12th, 1943

June 3

Commando Training

Commando Training

“Dear Jean & Jerry,

I finally got the pictures and sent them- hope you like it. Not quite enough of a smile tho.

We’ve been having some Commando and Ranger training lately. Tough as hell obstacle courses and today we crawled 150 yds thru barbed wire while machine guns fired 30 inches above the ground over our head. The field was a sea of mud and believe me you really hug the ground when you know the real stuff is flying. You should have seen me when we finished- one solid mass of clay and wet mud but it was excellent experience. The good old earth is as good a defense weapon as your gun at times.

We leave for the sand dunes and uncivilization next week. They say it gets about 130 above during the day and about 60 at night. I may only get to write on weekends as problems may last 5 days a week. After Mar. 29th my address will be Cpl _ _ 37090136, Co. H-13th Inf, APO-8, Desert Maneuver Area, To Postmaster, Los Angeles, Cal so write to this address.

I wished you would sent those glasses and that case here if you have them already as they may be delayed to long if you wait until I get there. Be sure and let me know the cost. Thank you.

Happy to hear you are going home- they must have had a rather dull winter with all the bad weather and none of us there. It looks like even hope isn’t going to help bolster people if something favorable doesn’t happen soon.

You are being nicked for a nice amount but Buddy that is a small sacrifice like you said so slap it down with a smile. Better days will eventually come.

Gotta dash one off to my beautiful chic so goodbye for tonight.

Love, Beany”

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