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Cliff March 19th, 1943

June 9

Improvised Jeep Ambulance, Camp Carson

Improvised Jeep Ambulance, Camp Carson

“Dear Jean & Jerry,

Well, I see you had a nice visit at home. I got a letter from Mom today and she also told me about your trip. She said that Dad really enjoyed your being home again- he gets pretty lonesome now with so much time on his hands. I’ll bet he’d like to be working again but I don’t believe that he ever will, do you?

Milly and Beany also wrote me the past couple of days. Milly has given up teaching- good thing for her! Beany said that he was leaving this weekend and that I could write him at his new address around the 25th of the month.

Our schedule has been much the same here. We were out on a one day bivouac yesterday. The trip was about thirty miles- we walked about twelve and went the rest of the way by truck. We pitched tents, had a review on field sanitation, etc. When the weather gets better, we will be going out for a few days at a time. It is snowing out tonight and we’ve had some chilly, windy weather the past few days.

Mom mentioned that they had another storm up there and that a lot of roads were blocked again- a long winter for you guys!

Beany sent the folks a picture and of course you know that Dolores gave them one, too. She was plenty happy about receiving them both.

I go on guard Saturday night and get through on Sunday eve at 5 o’clock. This will be my first weekend of extra duty since I’ve been in the army so I’ve been lucky that way.

Next week we are going to simulate a hospital in an empty building here. We will go through the regular procedures of actual hospital work with what little equipment we can get together. In our X-ray we will do mostly explaining, I guess, because we have no X-ray equipment at all. The officers are trying to get an idea of how much we all know. Our dep’t will give then an A-1 show!

Well J. & J., news here is really scarce. Rumors are always plentiful, but most of them start in the latrine! Such is the army.

Well, so long for now.



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